Welcome to Rootsinpyhtää

Rootsinpyhtaa is the longest standing festival of traditional American Appalachian music in Finland, was started in 1988. We have had many American and European guests performing at the festival, including great names such as Hot Rize, Rhonda Vincent, James King, Don Rigsby, Dudley Connell, etc. to name a few.

Since 2005 the festival has combined American traditional music with it's historical culture. Old Time and Bluegrass music originated after all in the Old World. Rootsinpyhtaa is a festival celebrating European emigrants who took their culture over the Atlantic to America, where it developed into what we know as Bluegrass today. Re-enactors from the Classic Old Western Society recreate the history of old America in the idyllic iron works milieu of 18th century Ruotsinpyhtää - a perfect setting for wonderful acoustic music in a genuinely old timey atmosphere.


The festival will be held 10th-12th of June, 2022 at Ruotsinpyhtää, about 100 km east from Helsinki. Google maps


Performing bands and times see Program

The festival begins with an evening concert on Friday night. It continues with on the main festival stage on Saturday. Another evening concert will be held in Saturday evening. The festival ends with a traditonal bluegrass gospel style concert in the local "little white church on the hill". Absolute perfection for a genuine bluegrass experience, except for it being in the Old World...

Simultaneously with the bluegrass festival historical re-enactors are holding their annual gathering in the form of an authentic old west rendezvous camp. Re-enactors will be dressed in authentic 18th-19th century outfits. The camp is set up in authentic old west style representing various different aspects and eras of the American West. They will hold various demonstrations for the audience during Saturday. The public is welcome to visit the camp.

How to get there by bus

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Take a bus from the Helsinki Central Bus Station to Ruotsinpyhtää (about 100km). You will be dropped off on the E18 highway about 5 km from the site. You will have to walk or hitchhike the rest of the way until you see a black and white road sign "Kunnanpalvelut" pointing to the right. Follow that road about 1 km and at the end you will be at the festival area. You can call a local taxi to avoid walking: Tel. numbers +358-400-105465.

How to get there by car

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If traveling by car, take the E18 highway towards Porvoo and drive about 100 km until you pass Loviisa. Just before Ahvenkoski suspended bridge (you can't miss it) turn north to Ruotsinpyhtää. Drive until you see a black and white road sign "Kunnanpalvelut" pointing to the right. Follow that road about 1 km and at the end you will be at the festival area.


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